Don’t forget.

In moments like this, I find it hard to post or re-post much because my mind is heavy on Ferguson and Michael Brown and the outrageous human rights crimes this country perpetrates in its own territory.

Then I also remember my co-worker today. “It’s resistance— just every time you write. They do so much to keep you from it, so every time you write it is an act of resistance.”

So here’s to not forgetting, continued resistance, and continued writing.

in my literary world, i’ve left vietnam (linh dinh’s book love like hate) and now sinking my feet into feminist chicana work (ana castillo’s the mixquiahuala letters). both are these writers’ first novels. (book #19 and #20 respectively.)

Upon having 27 years

Upon having 27 years, I would like to…

-use Facebook and social media more intentionally, remembering it is a curated image. I’d like to use it as a tool rather than a mirror.
-join and start writing group and reading group. In person!
-prioritize my writing work. It is work time that cannot be rearranged or compromised.
-generate writing for my poetry project.
-remind myself to be alone when I feel like it.
-connect with special friends, trust that I know who they are.
-practice asking for support and collaboration (personally and professionally).
-believe I can dream and I am worthy of them.
-be gentle with myself and others. I’m where I need to be physically, emotionally, and otherwise.